by Matthew Herbert

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Commissioned by Wellcome Collection and Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
Design by Sarah Hopper
Sound by Bowers and Wilkins
Audio consultant: Peter Cobbin, Director of Engineering, Abbey Road Studios
System design and implementation: Sam Britton for Coda Cola and Matthew Yee-King for Museifi
Construction: Factory Settings
Producers: Vanessa Ainsworth, Elie Gussman, Becca Linton
Matthew Herbert Management: Mike Gillespie
Chorus online production: Danny Birchall for Wellcome Collection
Chorus online development: Toby Ashley

Thanks to:

John Fulljames
Tom Nelson
Danny Haikin
Paloma Gormley


Prolific and accomplished British electronic musician Matthew Herbert is renowned for manipulating everyday sounds and bodily experiences to produce electronic music. CHORUS asks visitors to sing a single note within a professional recording booth at Wellcome Collection's exhibition THIS IS A VOICE following a set of instructions. The visitors’ voices are then automatically added to a chorus of voices, including performers and staff from the Royal Opera House, forming an ever-expanding sound installation that plays in the exhibition space, at the Royal Opera House’s Stage Door in Covent Garden as well as this online platform.